Sauteed Walnut and 3-Grain Tofu recipe

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½ (12 ounce) package tofu, cut into 6 slices
⅓ cup hemp seeds
⅓ cup flax seeds
⅓ cup wheat germ
¼ cup crushed walnuts
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon ground thyme
1 egg
¼ cup olive oil

Nutrition Info

805.5 calories
carbohydrate: 27.2 g
cholesterol: 93 mg
fat: 68.2 g
fiber: 14.5 g
protein: 30.6 g
saturatedFat: 8.5 g
servingSize: -
sodium: 53.3 mg
sugar: 1.4 g
transFat: : -
unsaturatedFat: : -


  1. Place tofu slices on a plate. Combine hemp seeds, flax seeds, wheat germ, walnuts, oregano, and thyme on a separate plate. Beat egg in a large bowl.

  2. Dip tofu slices in the egg, allowing excess to drip back into the bowl. Press coated tofu in the seed-nut mixture, coating both sides. Arrange coated tofu in 1 layer on a plate.

  3. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Fry tofu in the hot oil until browned, about 5 minutes per side.

Recipe Yield

6 medium slices

Recipe Note

A quick, easy, and very healthy recipe, which I put together.

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