Almond Sherbet recipe

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2 (10 ounce) cans sweetened condensed milk
7 ⅓ cups water
¾ cup white sugar
1 teaspoon almond extract
1 drop green food coloring, or as desired

Nutrition Info

239 calories
carbohydrate: 45.5 g
cholesterol: 19 mg
fat: 4.9 g
fiber: : -
protein: 4.4 g
saturatedFat: 3.1 g
servingSize: -
sodium: 76.3 mg
sugar: 45.5 g
transFat: : -
unsaturatedFat: : -


  1. Whisk the sweetened condensed milk and water together in a bowl, and stir in the sugar and almond extract until the drink is smooth and the sugar has dissolved. Mix in a drop or two of green food coloring, or as desired, chill to serve.

Recipe Yield

10 servings

Recipe Note

This is a recipe commonly made in all Sri Lankan Muslim homes, every night of Ramadan and at most special occasions. It is best served chilled. You can also add finely chopped almonds or pistachios to top each drink before serving.

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